by Arthur M. Pattison

“The poems in this book arise out of a small business I started as a hobby, called “FRAMEABLES” when I put poems I wrote, adapted, and collected on various attractive papers and plaques, and then sold them in various Christian Bookstores in Ottawa, as well as other stores from Toronto to Montreal.  Most of these poems are still available on attractive papers and plaques…” – Arthur M. Pattison, author

From a man who dearly values family, faith, and future comes an enriching and compelling poetry anthology that never fails to uplift, soothe, and rouse your senses.  Take a glimpse of poet-author Arthur M. Pattison’s heart and soul so you would experience the fullness of what it means to live, love, and believe.

Engaging, candid, and real, these poetic pieces unveil the author’s many sentiments and thoughts.  Very honest and raw, the rhymes and verses are sure to take you on a different state of what keeping the faith means, of what loving someone entails, and of what living in this world is all about.  The poems also speak of significant people in a person’s life, adaptations of beautiful prayers, and the hope in the youth and the future.

May you find inspiration in this collection and learn not to take relationships for granted, but rather, try to understand and appreciate other people, especially those in your own family…

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